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3D laser printing, silicone film, etc

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3D laser printing, silicone film, etc



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3d laser printing model

2023-01-04 11:21:19
3d laser printing model

Development direction of 3d laser printing

Standards and standard-setting bodies

When a lab produces drawings that need to be shared, there are so many formats and standards that the field of 3D printing prototypes can seem like a wild growth with no standards.

Open source design, configuration, and software

When there is a common standard, the 3D printing industry will embrace open source. Right now, too many teams focus on improving their 3D printing skills and developing in a closed loop of themselves. In fact, the industry needs to open source devices and software to generate more useful, efficient, and open innovation under uniform standards.

Prototype laboratory

Prototype printing is not taken seriously, so many medical device makers now place their printing equipment in a dirty, dusty area. In fact, there are already commercially operated 3D printing LABS to help these companies print higher-quality prototypes.

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