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What kinds of hand model are there? What are they used for?

2022-05-15 11:35:00

Types of hand plate model uses:

1, structural hand board: the main purpose of the structural hand board is to verify the initial design of the internal assembly structure between the material strength analysis, cooperation, cost assessment, performance testing, new products investment, etc., through the verification of the structural hand board can directly reduce the risk of mold opening.

2, the appearance of the hand board: the main purpose of the appearance of the hand board is to test the design of product color collocation, size, cost assessment, material coordination, exhibition, market research and other mass production process feasibility judgment and analysis.



3. Vacuum complex die: The main purpose of vacuum complex die is to test the various properties of the initial design products produced in small batches. The use of vacuum complex die can verify whether the new products can be mass produced, and it can also be used to attract investment for new products.

The above is the hand plate model manufacturer Xiaobian introduced about the types and uses of the hand plate model, I hope the Xiaobian introduced these can help you, if there is a need to buy hand plate model friends, you can contact us.


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