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3D laser printing, silicone film, etc

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3D laser printing, silicone film, etc



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Silicone membrane model

2023-01-04 11:36:39
Silicone membrane model

3D printing plus silicone film can do small batch trial production

e key printing can be made of silicone composite film, including the composite film transparent parts, high temperature resistance and soft adhesive material of silicone composite film, silicone composite film is for plastic material composite film hand plate, because of its temperature limit, silicone composite film can not be laminated metal materials.

Silicone composite film is also called vacuum injection molding, vacuum composite film. At present, silicone rubber mold is the most widely used in model making. This technology greatly reduces the cost, cycle and risk of product development due to its high speed and low cost. Especially suitable for 10 ~ 100 pieces of small batch plastic products trial production.

Before making the silicone film, we should first 3D print a model, and then cover the 3D printed original model with liquid silicone, and then form the silicone model used to cover the film after the solidification of silicone.

The silicone used to cover the film will be deformed for a long time, the quality of the model will be bad, so generally a single ordinary silicone can only be used to cover the film a dozen models, but not necessarily, if the structure is complex, a single ordinary silicone film is not so much, may not be able to cover the film after a few, simple structure can cover the film more, An ordinary silicone mold can be recoated 30 or 40 times.

If it is imported silicone, relatively speaking, a single silicone mold can cover more models, one or two times more than ordinary silicone, but the price will be more expensive.

Generally, several silicone molds will be made in the silicone composite film, and the composite film will be made at the same time, rather than making a silicone mold that can no longer be used before making a second silicone mold, which will affect the processing speed.

Silicone hand model used in small products or fine pattern products. To use silicon soft silica gel to manufacture the mold, this is because of the precision of small products, in the time of release, the items inside the mold are easy to be damaged, so it is necessary to use soft silicone to manufacture the mold.

But if you are doing large product copy or do large products, we must use high hardness of silicone to do mold, so as to keep the product deformation, and it is not suitable for a silicone film too many models.

It is relatively cheaper to choose small batch silicone cladding film, but only one or two cladding film, the price is not cheap; On the other hand, for example, if you want to make a whole ABS material part, but CNC machining can not do, or disassemble parts, you can choose to use silicone film at this time.

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