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3D laser printing, silicone film, etc

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3D laser printing, silicone film, etc



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Lighting fixture part model

2023-01-04 13:50:50
Lighting fixture part model

cnc machining common causes of failure

1. Overload. Cause: too much cutting, frequent positive and negative rotation, spindle motor failure, spindle drive installation failure.

2. The main shaft does not rotate. Cause: spindle drive installation failure, CNC installation can not output speed signal, spindle motor failure, spindle drive installation failure, transmission belt fracture.

3. Spindle speed deviates from the instruction value. Reasons: motor overload, CNC system output spindle speed command output problem, speed measurement installation failure or speed response signal disconnection.

4. Abnormal noise and vibration of the spindle. Cause: Common occurrence in the deceleration process, the spindle drive installation problems, such as AC drive in the regenerative circuit fault.

cnc machining shows the reason of cutting

1. Machining center arc machining excessive cutting. When cnc machining stops internal summary arc machining, if the selected tool radius rD is too large, beyond the required processing arc radius r, it is likely to occur over cutting. Nc machining program is based on the workpiece theory summary track preparation, without considering the actual machining process of the tool movement track. Due to the existence of the tool radius, the actual track of the tool becomes thicker and does not coincide with the programmed track. In order to obtain a correct summary of the workpiece appearance, the tool radius compensation instruction is required to be used between the tool path and the programming path. Otherwise, overcutting of the workpiece is unavoidable.

2. Overcutting discrimination in linear processing. In cnc machining summary composed of straight sections of the workpiece, if the tool radius is too large, it is likely to show the phenomenon of cutting, resulting in the failure of the workpiece. It can be judged by the positive or negative scalar product of the correction vector corresponding to the programming vector.

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